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You don’t have any experience with WordPress yet? Do you want to learn how WordPress is structured, how an editor works, or how to install Woocommerce? Then the WordPress course from Websiterouter is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our course shows you how to build a WordPress website from scratch. We also show you the functions of the WordPress editor Beavers Builder or how to install an online shop with Woocommerce. The topics of security and loading speed are also covered in our WordPress course.

Once you have learned how to create a website, you can decide whether you want to keep the course site or whether you want to create a new template with one of our industry templates.

Our WordPress course is free to use. However, we recommend that you register on our site to unlock all the features.



What they learn in our WordPress course:

The Websiterouter online course is designed to help you learn as you go:

  • Create your own homepage with WordPress
  • Manage and maintain content independently
  • To make important WordPress settings
  • Create an imprint and privacy policy
  • The module palette and your use of the Beaver Builder editor
  • Creating blog posts
  • and to ensure the security of the WordPress site

Apart from a certain enthusiasm in dealing with the internet, you do not need any special previous knowledge or programming experience.

Please create a WordPress course test page first

To get the full potential of the WordPress course, we recommend that you create a blank WordPress website. Our WordPress course also starts with an unedited site. So you have all the prerequisites to successfully complete the course.

If you prefer to start with a template, you are also welcome to make your first WordPress experience with a completely prefabricated website.

Your site will be installed on a subdomain of our main domain wprouter.com.
So for example John.wprouter.com
Please enter a name for your site now.
You can then test and learn on this site. After the testing period, you can decide if you want the website and we should move it to your domain, or if you don’t want the website.

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