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Cryptocurrency Bill Likely To Be Introduced In Winter Session Of Parliament.

Crypto Bill 2021:- Who does not want to invest in cryptocurrency, the reason is that, according to a report, there are about 100 million crypto investors in India, if we talk about the figures, then India is the number 1 in the world. It comes in investing in cryptocurrency, after which America comes at number two, which has 27 million investors, then at number three in Nigeria, which has 13 million crypto investors.

Some time ago there was news, that crypto investors got a big relief if the crypto bill will not come in this 2021 winter, but when the news spread rapidly that the government will make some changes regarding the cryptocurrency currency, then there is happiness for the crypto investor. no longer

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But now the latest update is coming, that is, related to cryptocurrency, that is, now the investor of crypto is getting some relief somewhere and now more clarity is being seen on the cryptocurrency bill and (IMF) i.e. International Monitoring. There is a very big statement from the fund which can be very important in the Ilion forex and can also have a big impact on the crypto bill.

What Geeta Gopinath said about cryptocurrency

Gita Gopinath said that banning cryptocurrency will be a very big challenge, he says that if any country bans cryptocurrency in its country, then only through international exchanges crypto investors exchange in that country through which It would be very difficult to find out about

Gita Gopinath has said the same thing about cryptocurrency which everyone is talking about, Gita Gopinath has also said that no one country can do anything towards cryptocurrency, although some powerful country also has nothing to do with it. We will be able to do it, in this we will continue to do transactions through Blockchain, which will be very difficult for any country to find out.

Gita Gopinath has said one more thing that there is a need for a global policy for cryptocurrency, which every country should accept.

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crypto bill in India

Talking about India, according to a report, a high-level meeting has been held on the crypto bill, one thing has been clearly said in the meeting that whatever bills will be passed in the future should be linked with the global framework, and the government has It has also been decided to wait for a while before taking any decision on the crypto bill.


Crypto Ban News – Cryptocurrency Ban in India

After the India high-level meeting, one thing is certain that it will be very difficult to ban crypto in India, if we talk about the whole world, then there are many such countries that are against the cryptocurrency ban, and the right countries are those who do not accept cryptocurrency. in support of banning.

According to a report, before taking a major decision on cryptocurrencies, that is, before bringing a bill, a low can be brought in which the crypto investor has to pay tax, but the good news is that for the crypto investor, about 95% % people support it but there is also a big challenge that it will be very difficult to regulate crypto.

Because when any of its investors invest, neither his name nor any address is known, a blank digital address is generated from which day-to-day transactions will continue, due to which black money and terrorism will increase to a great extent. The government is very worried about how to regulate cryptocurrencies.

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invest by blockchain

If you do any transaction on the blockchain, then it is not known who has done the transaction because there is no name, KYC, address anywhere in it, an empty alphanumerical address is generated in it if we talk about crypto investment. So it is very important to have KYC in every investor’s transaction, due to which the government can easily find out from whose account they have invested.

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